Discover Alternative Energy Sources of Energy Around Us

It is high time for us to discover alternative energy sources as we are all aware how serious the damage to this planet Earth which is caused by the usage of conventional fossil energy. Thousands of feet tunnels all over the land and on the seabed are the best day of doom guarantee we have in hand today. Energy Smart PTY Ltd It is just a matter of what will push the red button to end the story of all living on this planet. In the sense that it won’t be long to happen when we do not stop doing the big mistake which has been going on for many decades. To start discovering alternative energy sources and build the infra structure to distribute it is the best option we have.

To be dependent to energy sources to do our activities do not necessarily mean to endager our own living. Moreover it is about our next generation living. We have ruined the thousand years old nature ecosystem which used to supply ample energy and anything else we need to live. There is no way we have the chance to live another thousand years to fix the mistakes. For instance reforestation is not as easy as it. Logically what do you expect to grow on heavily polluted soil, water and air? Not to mention the keep on arising temperature all over the world. No flora and fauna can grow properly in such wrong climate. We may need another two thousand years to restore this planet Earth. Alternative energy sources are available right before our eyes i.e. potential and kinetic energies.

What alternative energy sources are possible to replace the conventional?

It is a regional case to build a larger scale of electricity supply using alternative energy sources to supply a community electricity need. Something is missing here to understand there are many giant water dams to serve power plants and then how come we are lack of electricity? Okay the population growth is not the right answer to me as logically one new individu would not always mean one new customer to the power company. You see your children and family member do not necessarily need to have their own electricity meter to meet their electricity needs especially when they are under the same roof with you. Nor it means that you would have to double or triple the electricity usage in your house. Do you see the point?

Still the topic of this article is what alternative energy sources we can use to help the getting worse situation of elecriticty supply? There is no new energy sources on earth except water flow, sun ray and wind. We want to leave “fire” as our main energy source because it is the one which has caused all of this big mass. Billions of combustion engine i.e. turbine and diesel engine generating sets, cars, vehicles, motorcycles, even your own lawnmower at your backyard are responsible to this international mass. Giant diesel engine generating sets are consuming Tons of diesel fuel every hour which is equal to Tons of air pollution, generating electricity to power electric motor and equipments which are also releasing their own heat. Does it sound just right to you? Who is to blame for the global warming issue? All of us, to be fair. Until we stop this improper scheme. 7,000,000,000 people x say 1 Watt saving per hour = 7,000,000,000 Watt electricity saving per hour. That is equal to acres of green forestry. What can we do then? The best thing we can do now is to start using alternative energy sources whereever it is possible.