Body Lift Surgery

A body lift is cosmetic surgery that targets multiple body parts at the same time. Find out more about sleep apnea pillow from Positive Health Wellness – A lower body lift or belt lipectomy targets sagging skin on the hips, thighs and buttocks. A mid body lift targets loose or droopy skin in those areas, plus the flabby skin on the stomach. An upper body lift deals with extra hanging skin folds of the arms, breasts, chest and back. A total or full body lift deals with lax or hanging skin on the entire body. A body lift procedure is a major re-sculpting that is very expensive and should not be considered lightly.

Information on Body Lift Surgery and Costs
People considering a body lift procedure include men and women who have extensive areas of sagging or loose skin on their body. This is very involved, very expensive surgery. The cost starts at $13,000 and go on up to $60,000, depending on whether you go with an upper, mid, lower or total procedure. That cost is just for the cosmetic surgeon. Costs for anesthesia and hospitalization are additional.

Lower body lift – A lower body lift or belt lipectomy starts at $7000 in cost, and includes the following areas:

Thighs – a body lift includes work on loose skin of the inner thighs and/or the outer thighs, a cosmetic surgery that is called a thigh lift. Thigh skin will be removed and lifted.
Buttock – a body lift also targets hanging skin on the rear end or butt, as does a buttock lift or augmentation. Ironically, this part of the surgery may also include fat injections, if someone wants areas that are rounder. If fat is injected, it is called a Brazilian butt lift.
Mid body lift – A mid body lift costs start in the $8000 range. This type of body lift includes all of the above, and the stomach:

Thighs and butt – This is similar to the lower body lift.
Stomach – A mid body lift also includes cosmetic surgery on the abdomen or stomach. Basically, it involves a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The excess stomach skin folds will be removed, and the remaining skin will be re-draped. The belly button may or may not be moved.
Upper body lift – An upper body lift targets the following:

Arms – flabby or hanging skin can be removed during an arm lift
Breasts – the breasts can have excess skin removed and the nipple can be repositioned, as in a breast lift or augmentation. If augmentation is desired, implants would need to be used. If there are pockets of excess skin on the chest, breast reduction can be done. Flabby areas of the back can be removed
Full or total body lift – a full body lift involves the total body, in other words all of the above areas. This has the most expensive cost, starting at $60,000 just for the surgeon’s fees. This is considered to be very major surgical procedure. So spend a lot of time considering if this is really the right thing for you.

If a woman or man has mostly fat in their body, liposuction surgery may be more appropriate than a body lift. A full body lift is major and serious surgery. It is done under anesthesia and you will be hospitalized. During the surgery, excess skin and fat will be removed and repositioned. There will be many scars.

A body lift procedure can be done on patients who have had bariatric surgery and already have lost a huge amount of weight, with the resulting flabby and hanging skin. The surgery can be done all at once or in stages.

There are risks, including those you would have with any major surgery, such as anesthesia, pain, infection, and numbness. Before thinking about a body lift, make sure you have already lost any extra weight you want to lose. Also, make sure you have been exercising so your muscles are in good tone. Gaining any weight after this procedure will erase any good that was done.

If you are thinking about getting a body lift, expect to be out of work for at least a month to recover. This is not like getting a Botox or cosmetic filler injection.

Beforehand, be realistic in what you can accomplish. Make sure you use a very good, qualified cosmetic surgeon, who has a lot of experience in doing body lift surgery. Check out before and after photos of people with your body type who have used your surgeon. And remember that procedures such as upper, lower and full body lifts are generally not covered by most insurance. So you will need to find your own way to finance the cost of this cosmetic surgery.

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How To Lose Weight In Five Easy Steps

Losing weight is not as hard as it seems. You will get great results if you focus on using efficient methods. Click here to Buy Codeine Co-Codamol from NHS Heroes in the UK Keep reading to learn how you can reach an ideal weight in five easy steps.

Tip: Proceed slowly and continue at a steady pace. You may feel good seeing fast weight loss, but dropping pounds fast is typically due to water weight and this weight loss is not going to stick.

Start by establishing some goals for your weight loss program. Be reasonable and do not expect to lose more than two pounds per week. It is best to take your time and get used to new healthy habits instead of going through a crash diet that will not help you improve your lifestyle on the long term. You should monitor your results by weighing or measuring yourself once a week. Reward yourself when you meet your goals and make changes to your methods if you have a hard time accomplishing your goals.

Tip: Keep your stress under control. One reason that people become overweight is because they eat when they are stressed.

Rethink the way you eat. The best way to reach an ideal weight is to eat foods from the five food groups in reasonable quantities. You should have three meals a day or five smaller meals if are tempted to snack between meals. Go grocery shopping at least once a week and plan your meals in advance so you do not have to eat out or make bad nutritional choices because you do not have what you need to prepare a healthy dish.

Tip: A great strategy for losing weight is to use smaller bowls and plates. This will cause you to eat smaller portions.

Eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet one at a time. Bad nutritional choices include drinking soda, eating fast food, fried foods and processed foods as well as eating large portions. Always check the labels of the foods you buy to find out more about the ingredients. Do not assume that a food is healthy because the label claims it is fat-free, sugar-free or lite. It is best to purchase organic foods and to avoid foods rich in fat, sugar or preservatives.

Tip: Always have healthy snacks available in your fridge and pantry. Get a big, lidded plastic container.

Working out two or three times a week will help you lose a lot of weight. If you are not used to exercising, start slowly and try working out more frequently and for longer periods of time as you get in shape. You should begin with some simple exercises such as abs and crunches to lose weight in your midsection. Developing your midsection will help you be more active and improve your endurance so you can start working on your cardio or move on to toning your muscles.

Tip: There are ways other than traditional exercise to burn off calories. Hit the trails with your dog, go for a bike ride, or simply hand wash your car instead of having someone else do it.

Adopt a more active lifestyle. Working out will help but you can stay in shape and avoid a lot of health issues if you are more active in your daily life. Avoid spending long hours sitting on the couch or at your desk. Find some hobbies that allow you to spend time outside and get some exercise. Walk as much as possible and think about getting a dog so you can go for walks several times a day.

These five steps will help you get in shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Take all the time you need to get used to these new healthy habits so you are not tempted to go back to your old lifestyle once you get in shape.